Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and although I feel a little un-American admitting it, I have very little interest in the actual game. What I do love, besides the halftime show (yes GaGa hit it out of the park), are the ads! One of my favorites this year was the Hyundai spot…and for many reasons.

First of all, the real time production was amazing. It is hard to believe that Hyundai and the US Military created it in less than one hour. Clearly, the planning began months ago, but the logistics they put together were unbelievable. Secondly, as AdAge said when referring to the spot “In a night filled with partisan politics, emotional journeys and bad jokes, the most personal appeal to a key American constituency aired after the Big Game.” Third, but certainly not in order of importance, this ad has mileage! The 90-second spot is just the first stage in an ongoing campaign called “Better Drives Us.”

And most importantly, from my point of view, it told a story; a story of love, a story of courage, and most importantly, a story of family. As Lizanne F. from our firm said “I literally had chills and a lump in my throat when I watched it.” And hey, isn’t that what powerful marketing is all about? What ad was your favorite?