Hey Everyone!

Another week done, can you believe it? This week was filled with tons of learning opportunities. I cannot wait to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had in the last few days.

I spent the beginning of my week doing more research on a project that is set to begin shortly. I am starting to get the hang of what to look for to produce the right materials and notes. I am sure people have heard of the term “the more information the better”, well that is not always true. Listing every single thing a competitor has ever done when doing analysis is not helpful. I have begun to recognize what information is useful and what is unnecessary to include; understanding this made the process move much more quickly. Still, this took most of the day Monday to complete.

Tuesday, I was involved in organizing a promotional item to be given as part of another sponsorship at an upcoming event. For some reason, I always find this task to be fun. It allows me to be part of the event planning side of the job, which before this summer I was not familiar with. It took a very long time to facilitate this promotional item because about 150 items had to be organized.

The highlight of my week occurred on Thursday with strategy day. Strategy day is done once a month to discuss recent accomplishments and next steps for the upcoming month. The Byne Group spends a decent amount of time going through their SWOT analysis. Every marketing class I have ever taken has discussed the importance of being rigorous in analyzing your companies strengths, weaknesses, potential threats and opportunities, but I have yet to see it used before this week. I thought the brainstorm session would be fairly quick, however I was surprised that the meeting took several hours to complete. I assume this takes a while because a company cannot improve unless they correctly identify what’s been helping and hurting them in meeting their goals. I felt honored to see my blog posts were listed as an accomplishment for this month.

Although I am faced with a different agenda each week, I am beginning to feel more comfortable in everything I do. This internship is starting to feel like a full-time job in that even when I leave I am thinking about my projects that I both completed or need to. Check back next week to hear more about my life as the TBG intern.