There are five key marketing pieces that are critical to every business, regardless of size or industry. This must-have list is a great jumping off point for start-ups, but you would be surprised how many established brands do not have them or haven’t updated them in a very long time.

1. Brand Guidelines: this includes your logo, tagline, fonts, PMS colors, names, trademarks and anything that will represent the brand now and in the foreseeable future. Keep in mind, that even your logo should have guidelines. Can it be flipped? Can it appear on a white background? Black background? Can there be text near it?

2. Introduction/Overview: this can take many forms depending on how it is used and who is presenting it, but every company should have a General Presentation, Brochure, or Media Kit that provides the 411 on your company including background, mission statement, executive bios and capabilities.

3. One Sheet/Fact Sheet: a simplified version of your presentation or media kit, this delivers quick digestible bullet points about your company and services with key contact information that can easily be emailed to potential clients.

4.  Website: it doesn’t have to have to have pages and pages, but a basic site with easy-to-read, shareable content, intuitive navigation, responsive design and one that is optimized for search will make sure you are relevant and easy-to-find. Not only is this critical, but all other pieces will drive to your URL so this should be at the top of your list.

5. Stationery: while we are living in a digital world, every company should still have branded materials that include business cards, letterhead and envelopes or mailing labels. Even if it’s just a limited quantity, have it on hand.

What’s in your tool kit? Do you have these five critical pieces? Are they up-to-date and an accurate representation of your brand? Take a moment and conduct your own internal marketing audit and let us know what is missing. We can help!