Helen is the Billing Administrator at The Byne Group. She has an in-depth understanding of the firm and its clients and her analytical nature and appetite for solving business problems makes her a perfect fit for the job. She brings an infectious, positive attitude that continues to impact everyone she meets.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
My husband Paul…With the chaos in our family life it’s hard to actually have a sit down dinner alone, he would be my first choice, he is quite funny so I know I’ll have a few good laughs and after 20+ years together I still really do enjoy his company!

Where do you turn to for inspiration? 
I don’t really have a go to place. I wing it on my own for the most part. Growing up on a farm in Ireland my mind does wander back there and relive the simplicity and quietness of the country life, which inspires me to try and live life somewhat calmly!

What are you passionate about personally? Professionally? 
My family of course. I have 3 kids and they are my life’s treasures.
Professionally I just love working with people who work hard, give it their best, and enjoy what they do, they motivate me to do better!

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