1. Marketing should delight clients and overcome their pain points
Gone are the days of straight advertising. Now, content is king. Employ a customer-centric mindset and provide your audience with helpful information and insights that engage customers, not just sell them.
2. Focus your brand and your advertising
Take stock on where your customers spend the most time and target those outlets with a simple, focused message that reflects the tone, ideals, and promise of your brand. What makes sense for your brand? Are your potential customers on social media? If so, what outlets? Start small and build out from there. Learn to focus on one opportunity at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
3. Track your performance
Measure success—and failure! There are many tools available to track and monitor your audiences, where they go, what they do, and the reach and effectiveness of the ads you place online. Utilize these offerings so you can stay on top of what works with each campaign you develop. The beauty of digital and social marketing is that the message or call to action can shift quickly and easily, at any time!