Daniela Vinick, Summer Intern

Hi Everyone!

My name is Daniela Vinick and I am The Byne Group’s Intern this summer. I am going to be a senior at the University of Albany and am majoring in Communications and Business. When I graduate college in spring of 2017, I am hoping to work in Public Relations or Marketing. For the next 10 weeks I will post a weekly blog talking about my experiences here at TBG and as an intern in general. Hopefully my experiences will give you a glance into what it’s like to intern for a marketing agency.

My first day at TBG was wonderful. The first day at a new job tends to be a little uncomfortable and slow moving but I did not feel this way at all. The minute I began, everyone was very welcoming and immediately allowed me to lend a helping hand. I was assisting mostly on research projects for my first day. Next, I was asked to go through newspapers and magazines and identify articles and ads about TBG, its clients, and competitors. This at first seemed like it would be repetitive however, it served to be very useful. This task allowed me to gain awareness of TBG’s clients and the marketplace.

My third day was my favorite of this week. I was asked to sit in on a brainstorm session for a new project that TBG was working on. I sat in on brainstorms like this at my internship last summer, however I did not contribute. Last summer, I felt very intimidated and although I had ideas I remained quiet. This brainstorm was unique because I was asked to be an active member. I felt much more confident in being involved. I loved being able to watch an idea evolve. The people I am working with are very talented and it was fascinating to watch how an idea is built from scratch.

At this internship I hope to get hands on experience as both a marketing and communications major. I am excited to see what the rest of this summer holds for me as a BG intern. I am hoping throughout my summer that I will get a glance into the marketing and PR related projects TBG works on. I had a great first week and already feel like I am learning so much. Check back next week to see what new and exciting tasks I have taken part in during my second week of this internship.