The Cancer Awareness Advertising Awards (CAA Awards) is the nation’s most elite competition dedicated specifically to the promotion of all cancer products and services. Only advertising and marketing projects that are designed, printed, published and/or distributed for the sole purpose of cancer awareness can be entered into the annual CAA Awards program.

The Byne Group was recognized for excellence in the 2014 CAAA program for their advertising and marketing efforts, which scored among the best in the nation. They are the recipients of a Gold Award for their Breast Health Awareness Campaign for Nyack Hospital.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than one million people in the United States alone are diagnosed with cancer annually. As marketing professionals, it is crucial to inform and educate our communities about the risk factors, early detection as well as diagnosis and treatment services that are available.

“Nyack Hospital is proud to have partnered with The Byne Group on our breast cancer awareness marketing program. The Breast Center at Nyack Hospital is continually recognized for exemplary patient satisfaction scores and outcomes in breast cancer treatment that exceed state and regional results. Education and awareness play a large part in our ability to serve the community by offering comprehensive breast cancer services. (Lauren Malone, Director Public Relations and Marketing, Nyack Hospital)

All Entries competed with like-sized organizations in the same groups and categories. Winning entries are judged by a diverse panel of marketing experts.

In order for entries to be recognized in the Cancer Awareness Advertising Awards, the submission must place in the top 16% of all submissions. Awards were issued based on the following scores:

Judges Choice – Score of 100%
Gold Awards – Score of 95 to 99 (top 5% in the nation)
Silver Awards – Score of 90 to 94 (top 12% in the nation)
Bronze Awards – Score of 85 to 89 (top 16% in the nation)
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