Hi Everyone,

I have now finished my second week working at The Byne Group and I have nothing but positive feelings to share with everyone. It’s only been two weeks but already I feel as though I’ve grown tremendously.

To start this week, I was asked to help with putting together a promotional item that TBG designed for an event their client, Nyack Hospital, was sponsoring. The promotional item was handed out at the RBWN Women’s Achievement Breakfast that occurred in the middle of this week. I liked working on this project because it gave me a glimpse into the sponsorship and event planning side of this job.

One a-ha moment I had this week came from a Harvard Business Review article. I learned that the average consumer goes through six channels before making a purchase decision. I think this is especially important because companies need to understand that advertising and marketing does not work overnight and that a multi-channel approach is the best way to accomplish their goals of increasing sales for the long term. What I learned here is that every project should include plans for all different media outlets.

Another interesting task I took part in this week was researching competitive analysis for a client’s social media campaign. I looked up relevant competitors and took notes on their strengths when it came to using Facebook. I was then able to suggest techniques for TBG’s client to incorporate into their own Facebook account to increase the traffic on their website, improve the amount of followers, and promote engagement on their posts. This allowed me to understand the importance of research in creating a successful campaign. I was also asked to exercise some creativity and contribute to a social media schedule using potential hashtags and posts. I loved being able to gain first-hand experience in what goes into building a client strategy.

I really enjoy this internship because I get to do a wide range of tasks within marketing. In one week alone I had an opportunity to experience public relations, event planning, social media strategy, and even creative writing. Check back again next week to hear more about my intern experience at TBG.