Hey Everyone!

Time must be flying at The Byne Group because I have already completed my fifth week. I was not disappointed in what week five had to offer. It had numerous interesting tasks and learning opportunities that I am here to share with you.

This week was filled with research on new business opportunities for TBG. I did not realize all the effort that went into learning about a potential client and formulating the best strategies to pitch to them. I spent the week analyzing a companies social media pages, their competitors within the industry, and relevant topics to their success. I organized all of this into a document that will eventually aid in creating a proposal that TBG will use. I was fascinated to see how a partnership between companies is created.

My favorite part of the week was meeting with a client regarding a project that TBG is working on. I have been involved in this project since day one so getting to see the official name and logo reveal was very entertaining. I loved watching the thought process that the client went through in eliminating ideas. We had three concepts with several logos, color schemes, and fonts that TBG pitched. The client fell in love with one of them, which they choose to move forward with. The design they decided on was my favorite choice as well because of the way the logo tells the story of the program without saying it.

I felt emotionally invested to the pitch information because of the journey I have taken in observing TBG construct it. I was thrilled to watch the client narrate how they felt looking at the name and design because it matched what TBG’s intentions were. I never realized how meaningful a logo had to be to evoke emotions from consumers towards a company.

This week made me even more excited to continue as an intern at TBG. I am excited to watch how these proposals play out. I will be back to continue sharing with you all the new additions to this project. Check back next week to hear more!