Hey Everyone!

This week I’m shaking things up a little bit. Instead of using this blog to give you a glimpse into each day of my entire week, I’m focusing on one day in particular, the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Social Media Day, which was on June 30. Two members of The Byne Group spoke at the event, and I attended as their assistant. This event included a full day of learning in which a series of speakers hosted various workshops. The speakers gave their expertise on subjects related to social media. Last week, I spent some time putting together a promotional item to give away at this event, and so I was excited to find out that I would be there to see it distributed.

The event started off with some opening words from a speaker whose focus was around how using a social media campaign can better a company and strengthen their performance. The event used their own hashtag and encouraged people to post and tweet photos and quotes live as the day went on. They had monitors set up around the conference to follow all the live tweeting/posting. This opportunity of course led to several Byne Group selfies. You can look back at the day by searching #MRCCSocial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

There were a variety of classes available, but the next one I went to reviewed the importance of using video for a company’s social media campaign. The speaker discussed the benefits and risks associated with both live and edited video. We were instructed to not be fearful of using this type of media. Video gives an opportunity for a company to showcase employee personalities and give clients a glimpse into products and services.

TBG’s own Jenny Mirmelstein ran the next session I attended. This discussion focused around when and how to use each social media platform. She spoke on how to target different audiences using different approaches. This was fascinating because Jenny really personalized her suggestions. She originally asked people to introduce themselves and their company and to end her presentation; Jenny gave specific ideas for different companies within the room. I thought this made the presentation more informative and interactive.

TBG’s founder, Ann Byne was up next. Ann discussed the power of impactful storytelling in social media. I thought this was interesting because she suggested that everyone needs and probably has a “story” to tell, whether it is the company’s founding, an interesting tidbit about a client or event, or any story that reveals a company meaning. Stories create emotions and emotions create recognition. She said that a company will remain more prominent in minds of consumers if they can recall how they felt about a story the company told.

This day was a huge learning opportunity for me. I was able to not only learn from TBG but from other wonderful speakers as well. I already knew social media was important, however this targeted event helped me realize there are so many resourceful strategies for implementing a social media campaign. I am lucky to have the opportunity to witness events like this one. Check back next week to see what other experiences are coming my way.