Hey Guys!

This post marks the end of my journey as an intern at the Byne Group. At the end of this week I will be heading back to college, and so this is my last blog. I want to use this piece to reflect on the summer as a whole, and on my feelings about working here.

I have nothing but positive things to say about my time at TBG. Working at a small company, such as this one, has so many benefits. My favorite being that I was able to practice a wide range of tasks that I never had experience with before. Being a marketing and communications major you rarely get to find a job that incorporates skills from both, however this one did. I loved being able to attend events with TBG, watch a client pitch, research social media and competitors for a client, and facilitate promotional sponsorships. In all honesty, there isn’t any experience I did not enjoy while here.

I learned so much working here, and here are a few of my biggest takeaways of this summer.

  • Research is key to success at any company. Although it can appear tedious, you can never be too prepared. I suggest studying anything you can find whether it be market trends, potential clients and their competitors, how companies use social media, and/or anything else related to the nature of the project.
  • Use social media frequently. TBG does an excellent job at posting on all their social media pages. A future intern should use their time to study how their company can best execute each different social platform. Daily posts are very helpful if posting in the right way.
  • Getting to know your team members is crucial. A small agency allows for a better relationship among colleagues. TBG is a very close-knit group and they work wonderfully together because of it. Spending time getting to know every team member on a personal level will ensure that the quality of the companies work is at its finest.

I would be here all day if I tried to list to you all the wonderful things I learned from the people that I had the pleasure of working with. I want to thank TBG for allowing me to be a part of their company for the summer. Thank you to everyone who took the time to show me the ropes and made me feel like I was a crucial part of this team as their intern. I am going to miss working here, but know I am a better future employee because of it. Thank you all for reading my blog this summer. I hope all future interns reading this will be as blessed with their internship as I was with mine.

Daniela Vinick