As a full-service strategic branding agency, we do a lot of design work including logo creation. It is actually one of our favorite projects. It is challenging and exciting all at the same time and the business side of the agency loves to see all of the different options that the design team comes up with based on the client creative brief. Not just interesting to see all of the different interpretations, but a lively debate on which ones to share with the client and often surprise on the final selection. We take pride in our work and know that the final logo choice will be a part of the client’s brand story for a long time. So, it was intriguing to hear a client question the mere existence of a logo at a recent meeting. “Why do we need a logo anyway? What does a logo really do?” were the questions posed to the group. Well, of course we had a lot to say!

A logo is your mark, your stamp, your graphic that represents your brand in the marketplace. Based on the colors, movement, lines, and sometimes words it should convey a feeling and stand for something. With time, it will be instantly recognizable and provide immediate association with your brand positioning.

We believe an effective logo consists of four elements:
Simple. Allows for easy recognition.
Memorable. It’s stays in people’s minds.
Timeless. Will still be effective 10, 20, 50 years from now.
Versatile. Works well in color or black and white, blow up large or scaled down.

From the Apple icon to the Nike swoosh, there are some iconic logos out there that are recognized worldwide. But, even small business owners or local non-profits that may only be targeting a small geographic area should have a logo. It will help introduce you, reinforce your place in the market, and become a familiar mark to your customers.

Just recently, The Byne Group has unveiled logos for SUEZ to introduce their new conservation program, Impact100 Essex to promote their non-profit work, and Esplanade at Palisades to refresh their look as part of a larger outreach program.

We love logos. Do you love yours? Put The Byne Group to the test!

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