Of course the month of December is a great time for retailers and non-profits to schedule promotions and market to their audience. So, what about the rest of us? Do we just rollover and wait for the New Year? Absolutely not! December is a great opportunity to connect with clients and prospects on a different level, reflect on company objectives, and gear up for the future.

In between the year-end bookkeeping and holiday cheer, take advantage of the downtime and regroup internally with staff and externally with clients and community partners. This will position everyone better for a great year ahead!

Here are some ways to:

Give to a Local Charity: Not only will you feel great, you are helping others in your community. Every year, we visit our friends at People to People and select letters from local families that need assistance. It’s a great way to give back.

Do Charity Work or Give Gifts from a Charity: How about working in a soup kitchen or helping bake cookies? A local non-profit organization, Baking Memories 4 Kids, needs volunteers throughout the season to unpack deliveries, bake cookies, and organize shipments. It’s a great team building activity and also provides a tasty corporate gift.

Send Cards by Mail Rather Than Email: Sure, send out those holiday blasts, but in this digital age, a physical card with a stamp goes a long way. If you plan on sending out holiday cards, remember to send them out early. This holiday season we are donating to the Malala Fund for Girls’ Secondary Education and added that sentiment to our card.

Holiday Makeover: Add a little holiday cheer to your website and social platforms. Beyond the actual content and posts, update your website header or one of your slider images on your home page and then extend it on social with updated profile images. It’s a fun way to share your brand’s personality and grab attention.

Feel free to steal any of our ideas!

Happy December to all and to all a good 2018!