The summer season often means a slower pace at most businesses. Some even adopt the popular summer office hours that allow for more flex time to get out and enjoy the longer days and beautiful weather. It can be tempting to fall into relaxation mode and push things to the back burner this time of year, but it actually provides a great opportunity to recharge your business. Here are some suggestions to take advantage of the summer season:

Off-site Corporate Meetings: It’s the perfect time to break out of the monotonous day-to-day and schedule an off-site meeting that will allow your team to take a step back to brainstorm ideas, strategize for the future, and have some fun! The Byne Group recently scheduled a “Creative Day” and enjoyed a beautiful day in Tarrytown exploring the Lyndhurst Mansion followed by lunch on the Hudson River.

Summer School: The extra hours mean there is no longer an excuse to not read that book or take that class!  Get up to speed on the latest trends in social media or the performance benchmarks that matter most. There are a number of classes offered right here in the Hudson Valley, or do it at your own pace with an online class. And, use your downtime at the beach, by the pool, or on the airplane to read. Some of the books on The Byne Group summer reading list include: The New Marketing Analytics, The Upstarts, and The Road to Character. What’s on your list?

Project Boost: We all have those projects that constantly get pushed to the bottom of the list because of more pressing, time-sensitive matters. Now is the time to make those projects a priority! Whether it is revamping your promotional materials or simply cleaning out the storage closet, take advantage of the summer season and carve out time to make these projects happen! And, those summer interns are a great source of energy and fresh perspective, so get them involved as much as possible.

Of course, there are still only twenty-four hours in a day, so if you ever need extra bandwidth, The Byne Group is just a phone call away. We consider ourselves a natural extension of your in-house marketing department and always happy to help! Let us work your brand.